Monday, February 04, 2008


rocket bebeh. i already got my copy of summer sisters. he he.

just got back from 15. had dinner at burger king and teh tarik at silva. i was craving for brownies a la mode earlier today, but nobody was available to go to hartamas with me. sob. sob.

that friendster is really freaky! i caught myself logging in every few hours. how like that?

i think i'm beginning to grow (physically). i had two plate of rice with all the lauk pauk. one at lunctime and the other one at around 1700. plus, a few bars of kit kats, five slices of banana cakes, double swiss mushroom burger, fries and soft drink and teh tarik. owh yeah, i had fried rice and scramble egg + iced milo + a few slices of banana cake for breakfast. yeay, i'm definitely growing up! one day, when i'm able to fit into a size 24 jeans from levi's, i'll be the happiest girl alive! seriously!